Calling all FCE and CAE teachers – new resource!

I’ve had a problem for the past couple of weeks. One of my FCE classes has been impossible to motivate. They’ve been tired and fed up and totally unable to concentrate. Not only were they not interested in what they had to learn in the course book but also the class felt like it lasted all day instead of it’s hour and a half slot.

After searching and searching and trying new and different tactics to shake them up a bit and get them involved, I finally found a fantastic resource which has helped create some good atmosphere in this class while at the same continuously practicing for the FCE exam.

I stumbled across Gosia’s Lesson Plans Digger blog a few weeks ago and have been implementing her gamified Word Formation exercises with these kids and it is slowly but surely getting them more engaged with the tasks at hand and making them more confident especially in this area.

We’ve especially enjoyed the word formation card game where all you need is some pieces of paper and a couple of die. As a teacher, I can’t tell you how great it was to see them leaving with a smile and actually laughing in class again. I think we’ve got our rhythm back!

Gosia’s blog is really fantastic and she has lots of great ideas for CAE as well as FCE and I can’t wait to try them out in class.

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