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  • What to expect in the APTIS writing exam
  • Sample APTIS writing exams to practise
  • Looking for someone to correct your APTIS writing exercises? 

What to expect in the APTIS writing exam

The APTIS English exam is a multilevel test which evaluates your English level at the moment of taking the exam. It’s computer-based and the results are sent to you very quickly. 

The APTIS English writing exam lasts 50 minutes and has 4 parts.

There’s a single theme which ties together the whole exam. Normally, it’s something like you’re going to join some sort of club, such as a study club or a hiking club.

  1. In the first part there are 5 short personal questions. You must answer them in 1 to 5 words.
  2. In the next; there is a question, normally related to the reasons why you wanted to join the club, which you must answer in 20 to 30 words. 
  3. In the third part, you have to imagine that you’re having a conversation in a forum with different members of the club. Three different members of the club ask you questions, which you must answer in 30 to 40 words.
  4. The last part has two tasks which you must complete. In the first one, you need to read an informative email or letter which has been sent by the club’s organisational committee or managers telling you that there has been a problem and some of the facilities must close or that a scheduled event has been changed. You have to write two letters or emails:
    • The first short, informal letter is to a friend and you have to explain how you feel about the letter or email you have received (in 50 words max).
    • Then you have to write a more formal letter replying to the organisational committee or the managers of the club explaining your feelings and answering the questions that they ask you. Here you need to write between 120 and 150 words.

Sample APTIS writing exams to practise

Aquí te dejo 4 modelos del examen de writing de APTIS que puedes usar para practicar.

Los he preparado yo misma para ayudarte a hacerte una idea de cómo es el examen y que puedas practicar.

Modelo 1 examen writing APTIS – Cooking club

Modelo 2 examen writing APTIS – Hiking club

Modelo 3 examen writing APTIS – Dancing club

Modelo 4 examen writing APTIS – Swimming club

Looking for someone to correct your APTIS writing exercises?

Practising on your own is great but how do you get feedback?

How will you know if yor answer makes sense, the areas you need to improve or if you’re heading in the right direction?

Don’t worry, to help you out, I’ll correct one of your pieces of writing from one of the 4 sample writing exams that I’ve shared aboved completely free.

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